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Our Unique Conception of DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT, CONTENT STRATEGY & COMPELLING COPYWRITING all focused on the integrity of the websites VISUAL ELEMENTS your company and service will be displayed in an uber-eclectic Custom WEBSITE.

Strategic Design
Great design is more than a pretty picture. It helps guide the eye and compel the visitor to take action.


GOOGLE ADWORDS (direct marketing) the (247/365 Sales agent)!
Print publication, Magazine, brochures, company profiles design printed delivered.

We pride our self’s ourselves in being a one solution company, our competitive pricing and quality service makes us a determined motivated company growing small businesses into large corporations and franchises daily.

Quality Website Design
Have you considered your competition? Most haven’t.
We have to have a firm understanding of your competition, their offers and strategies as a starting point to build a website that makes you stand apart from the competition.

Our Services

We’re your one-stop-online-shop for websites with conversions. Our services range from content strategising and development, to custom logos, print materials, PPC (Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click) Advertising and even Search Engine Optimisation services.

Graphic Design


Web Development


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Our products & services enhance any business into a rising success!

Dedicated service with Dedicated Clients..

Our Web Design and Online Marketing Company based in Johannesburg is more than capable of providing all our services across the country. Deal direct with one company with and uber-eclectic array of services for any business web marketing growth.

101 Digital Communication | Innovative Marketing Solutions can provide Web Design, Website Development, Graphic Design, Branding, Online Marketing, Print, Artwork, Publication, Video, Corporate Identity (CI), Branding, Event Printing & Product Printing, Event Setup, Content writing, E-commerce or Online Store’s, Internet shopping, Safety sites, Full web training.

Responsive Websites

Responding to devices such as Laptops, Desktops, Smart TV’s, Tablets, Android Devices, IPad’s & Apple Devices.

Photo Quality

Visual, digital online media. Creating a digital memory of your website that will last. Keeping your clients coming back for more.

High Performance Hosting

Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, SSD hardware, High-speed fiber network, Superfast websites.